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Web Design and Development.

AMI Solutions has developed a web-based automated marketing tool called "Blue Orchid Marketing." This software automates the mailing of e-mails and letters as part of a marketing campaign. You build the campaign once, then let it run. The system checks on a daily basis to see what marketing piece needs to be mailed and to whom, and takes care of it. Click on the link to Blue Orchid Marketing under "Products" to learn more.

In support of our Blue Orchid Marketing clients, we also offer web design and development. Some of our clients did not have a web site or had a rudimentary web site that needed to be enhanced. We can work with you to design a new site or enhance your existing site to make your company more marketable. Your marketing campaign should invite people to come to your web site.

We would be happy to talk with you about our software and our expertise in web design and development and what we can do for you.

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